Why You Must Read Menelaus From Vicky Malcolm


I finished reading Menelaus from Vicky Malcolm. It’s a true story about what she calls a”giant Hollywood con”. It then finally faced her actual agent, who now tells her she fooled him all these years, and is based on the true story of an actress who’d tricked her agent for decades. The story took me to my first”sting” and has left me in awe of how much one individual can”take” and still do their job.

For starters, I must say that Menelaus is a refreshing twist on other novellas. Much of what we have been given through the years is thinly veiled scripts that are intended to lure us into thinking https://whisperseer.com/king-lear-cordelia-goneril-and-regan-comparison that if we go along with the narrative, one-dimensional, it will be an improvement.

However, let’s face it, we do not reside in a reality where results and our activities are going to influence the lives of other people . We all tend to believe,”Should I do so, this will happen. I will change the world. And my wife will never marry me .”

Menelaus is about more than that. Menelaus is all about women who were powerful enough to resist someone they thought was not able to the best of them and in the endthey won the love of the life .

It is about figuring out how to resist every temptation which is not a one. It’s about knowing how you can be used by others. Menelaus is about”the artwork of cojones”.

I was surprised to discover that there are professional girls out there who can adhere to this advice to the letter. I am convinced that I’m not but I will be thankful for what I managed to do once I put my mind catcher in the rye holden caulfield to it.

Of what Malcolm is currently trying to describe the real-life natures are also fascinating. This is a girl who loved what she did for a living, but was given what she actually wanted: a car that is bigger, better material things, a house, more money and a life.

Of course, she decided to”go against the grain” and not grow to be the bad guy. She worked hard to become the best human being she could be.

I really enjoyed this story as it had been about a girl who made the best out of herself. Malcolm took readers through the truth of her life, which was filled with the joys and sorrows that have fame, fame, and fame. But in addition, it illustrated the lesson that if you truly want something, you do not give up till you receive it.

As soon as Menelaus was finished by me, I felt a sense of pride for being a girl who had stood up to a man. I opted to take a minute Menelaus presents for women out there. The classes included:

Always believe in your ability to see things that are good in anyone. Look past the nonsense to discover that there is an inner beauty that you can’t see as you’re frightened to look. These are the kinds of things that we are shown by Menelaus.