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Kamaru Usman Breakdown:
Woodley seems to be gaining confidence from the public after dismantling Till but he’s a champion with obvious holes waiting to be exposed. There’s not any denying he’s a smart fighter who has been able to make opponents fight into his game-plan. The reduced output of Woodley is a result of the explosive style and known cardio issues in high intensity conflicts. When he lands his own big shot opponents fall, but when it does not go his way he can be left looking very human. Usman is comparable in certain ways but offers a very different approach. Both of these men have powerful wrestling and it is likely to cancel out here, unless Woodley gasses in the subsequent rounds.
Usman approaches fights with a high volume, continuously moving ahead and keeping competitions fighting. This may create opportunities for Woodley but also means a fight going beyond rounds 2-3 will swing at the favour of Usman and his relentless cardio. The significance of Usman at dog odds suggests a bet in a struggle that’s very likely to be a very close affair. Start looking for Usman to press forward early and both men to struggle up from the fence. Usman is yet to exhibit any durability issues which will be crucial here since he will surely be absorbing some damage premature. Since Woodley slows it will be Usman pulling ahead on the scorecards and taking over.Robbie Lawler Breakdown:
Askren is coming to the UFC with huge hype which is being reflected from the betting line. While he has some big name wins, these were all over five decades ago. Since then Askren has fought rather typical opponents with no answer to his takedown game. He seemed to semi-retire but is coming back to get a UFC run so there is certainly a question mark there. Lawler was out with harm giving him a while to recover from some recent wars. On the scale that he looked in very good shape which is promising at the tail end of a career. This battle will come down to Lawler’s capacity to avoid takedowns and keep the fight standing. Askren is a complete specialist on the ground but almost laughably awful reputation. Historically Lawler has shown a fantastic sprawl game and on the toes is obviously a lot more dangerous. Askren is a deserved favourite but this fight might easily turn for Lawler is the takedowns don’t come easily. At such large underdog odds it’s well worth a bet about the former UFC champion.
Bet = Lawler in 3.30 (+230) chances. Risk 3 Units to win 6.90 Units.
Pedro Munhoz Breakdown:
Munhoz has been advancing at a quick rate and can no longer be considered just a BJJ specialist. On the toes he attracts pressure and volume and his opponents always have to be weary to prevent his grappling attempts. Gabrandt is coming from two important loses and as a confidence fighter, he must be at an all time low. Since his spine surgery he has not looked the exact same and his struggle IQ is suspicious at best. He brings substantial power on the toes and decent takedown defense which is what will make this fight intriguing. The durability of Munhoz though should help even his chances standing when compared to Gabrandt who’s coming off two early TKO’s. Anticipate a high paced battle here with Munhoz outworking Gabrandt and capitalising on mistakes. This is a perfect place to bet against a well-known former winner with a hungry fighter relatively unknown to the public.
Bet = Munhoz in 2.45 (+145) odds. Risk 3 Units to win 4.35 Units.
Misha Cirkunov Breakdown:
Walker comes in as another hyped up opponent after flashy wins over two non ranked fighters. He clearly is dangerous on the feet but his unorthodox aggression and striking will find him in trouble against better opposition. On the regional scene Walker his not shown that the ideal chin and while his ground game appears adequate, it is not about the level of Cirkunov’s. Walker is still obviously raw and advancing but with such a quick turnaround from his last fight can not have had much chance to prepare for the totally different fashion that Cirkunov brings. A BJJ pro and Judo blackbelt, the game-plan will be obvious with Cirkunov trying to obtain top position and submit Walker. On the feet Cirkunov has revealed recent improvements and if he can avoid the power, he can be dangerous himself. He’s looked chinny previously which united with Walkers power is the largest risk. This should be a brief struggle at which the first person to gain an edge is likely to press a complete finish. We enjoy the stronger fighter in Cirkunov over the unproven potential, particularly at underdog chances.
Bet = Cirkunov in 2.42 (+142) odds. Risk 3 Units to acquire 4.26 Units.
Diego Sanchez Breakdown:
Sanchez is a fan favourite but clearly nearing the end of his career. Luckily his grappling and tenacity stays, shown in his wins over BJJ specialists White and Held. A black-belt himself, Sanchez has never been filed more than a 40 fight profession in mma. This looks to be still another place for Sanchez to press his advantage above a rising prospect who is based on grappling. Gall is a entry specialist but still very young and unproven. He appears content to fight off his back and brings an average striking game. Sanchez has some fairly obvious durability issues but if this is mainly contested on the floor he is the scrappier fighter who will be looking for position and constantly pressing on the actions. Gall can certainly catch Sanchez using a wild punch, but if he can steer clear of the KO we prefer Sanchez to grind out a classic wrestling performance.
Bet = Sanchez at 3.05 (+205) odds. Risk 3 Units to acquire 6.15 Units.
Hannah Cifers Breakdown:
This reduced level womans fight appears to be lined too wide for the skills introduced. Viana has the bodily advantages and superior grappling but has revealed herself to be fairly one dimensional and also brings a questionable gas tank. Cifers is a demanding and rugged brawler who are going to want to keep this one standing. She will have to avert the initial swarm of Viana but when she can this fight can certainly turn in her favour. Considering that the chances on offer the underdog looks to have the worth over an unreliable favorite.
Bet = Cifers in 3.30 (+230) odds. Risk 2 Units to acquire 4.60 Units.
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