Phoenix Rising v LA Galaxy II abandoned ‘after beer can thrown’


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A game in the United States’ next tier was left after a fan threw an object to the pitch.
After hosts Phoenix Growing scored to go up 4-1 in the minute LA Galaxy II assert goalkeeper Eric Lopez has been struck by a beer can.
The game has been suspended, but while the teams walked away a Galaxy participant was hit in the rear by a different object thrown out of the crowd – which caused the game being abandoned.
Rising were granted the victory.
“A non-Phoenix Rising supporter allowed his frustrations to get the better of him if he threw an item on to the field,” Growing said in an announcement.
“In the interest of player security, the referees decided to suspend the match and asked the two teams to roam off the pitch.
“As the two clubs were walking back to the locker room, a climbing enthusiast retaliated by throwing an item on to the field and hitting LA Galaxy II player in the lower back. Following a review of the situation, the referees abandoned the match.”
Rising say they’ve banned two lovers following the incidents and the team will introduce”plastic cups for prospective matches”.
United States League rules state that at a game left after the minute with one facet three goals up, the result might be declared official.
It was the 20th victory of Rising.
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