Man Utd v Liverpool – why Reds will go to Old Trafford and win – Danny Murphy


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By Danny Murphy
Pundit and former Liverpool midfielder
Danny Murphy joins Darren Fletcher and Mark Chapman at Old Trafford on Sunday for highlights of Manchester United v Liverpool on MOTD2 in 22:30 BST on the BBC Sport site and BBC One.
Liverpool will play the identical manner because they do not change that for anybody that they always play when they go on Sunday.
This means their standard formationplaying the front foot against Manchester United – attempting to win the match, just like they do each week.
Manchester United are not playing with any optimism right now, and dont have firepower that is good either, so from the perspective of Liverpool this is a true prospect.
Whoever is fit for United, I think their mindset is a little bit fearful right now, and Liverpool will understand they may be edgy.
So they can proceed after United, to re examine them and examine themand attempt to win the ball up the pitch.
If the strength of Liverpool is as large as its if they do that they will cause United a lot of problems.
Sundays game feels very different to this fixture last year, which ended up being a missed chance for Liverpool when they have been held 0-0 in a match which became really disjointed after a set of injuries that are early. United watched Ander Herrera, Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard go off hurt before half-time, while Liverpool lost Roberto Firmino following half an hour.
There were nerves it was the end of February and things were tight at the top of the table, therefore it was.
Setting up the way they did to play on the rest wasnt the strategy on earth and was the end result. It was costly because in the name run-in Manchester City were of how persistent. The side of klopp only dropped two points in their remaining 11 games – but any didnt fall at the end of January, and won the league.
It was a United team back in February. They were on a run following Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had obtained temporary charge from December, and it was a much harder game .
This moment, United are fighting, after winning their first eight games that they are not in a situation while Liverpool have such a healthy lead at the top of the table.
If they were beaten So far as the image goes, Liverpool are eight points clear so it would not even matter as much this time, but I dont find that occurring. I am backing them .
Should suit down Liverpool .
If United emerge and strike, and thats exactly what I believe will happen, then that will play into Liverpools hands.
If United are in the home, there is always an obligation for them to have a go at the resistance, especially in this particular fixture – and much more so now because of their latest form.
United want a reaction before their fans since their current performances are lacklustre and lethargic with none, in many ways.
That is partially down to accidents, and we dont understand what type of team Solskjaer can put out this weekend – that is just another reason I visit the team leaders because such champions to make it eight Premier League wins out of nine.
It wont make much difference, though United do sit back, which I can not see them doing.
Yes, Liverpool have discovered it against teams that have done this, but they have created opportunities and ended up winning the match in the long run.
If United try to deny Liverpool distance and put numbers, they are just waiting to be beaten – and I do not think that will be accepted by their fans.
Im backing Liverpool, but I really dont find a victory – despite the gap between the two sides.
A lot depends on Uniteds team. We all understand if Anthony Martial is fit then will be a plus for them although Paul Pogba is out.
Marcus Rashfords purpose for England in Bulgaria on Monday would get done him a great deal of good too. A three of Daniel James, Martial and him is clearly dangerous because of their speed.
But in the moment – they arent getting the ball up the pitch often enough to give their chances that are forwards.
Because his squad doesnt have enough strength in depth, solskjaer hasnt been able to solve that issue.
A lot of the time, his group has picked on itself only by whos available, and they havent found the right balance in midfield.
In contrast, whoever is at Liverpools midfield, it doesnt appear to matter.
Players can be always rotated by klopp in that field because they all play disciplined functions – they know their jobs and are ready to work hard.
All of them monitor back, and all of them press. Theyll assist the team reach the front , should they have to, but they will immediately become a form that is defensive.
Among the ways they do this is when they fly 16, by covering the full-backs. On the right side when Trent Alexander-Arnold goes up the pitch, Jordan Henderson fills in for instance.
You would want more goals from this department but let us face it, even such as Liverpool have if youve won eight matches on the spin without really playing that well this indicates you arent short of firepower.
Danny Murphy spoke to BBC Sports Chris Bevan.
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