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The IPL is played using a double round-robin format. This means that every team plays against each other twice, once home and once away. The groups receives points based on winning or losing at which the winner receives two points and the loser gets 0 points.

After of the matches are played, the best 4 teams are decided in line with the number of points they have received. The winner plays from the team that came in 4th, and also the 2nd place and 3rd place finishers and with the playoff game play with.

In the event of a tie in the standings, the Net Run Rate (NRR) will decide who has the maximum ranking.

After the initial playoff games are played, the highest ranked team that acquired its playoff game advances right to the finals, the lowest ranked team that wins is eliminated and the last two teams left standing would be playing another game to ascertain who reaches the last game.

There are loads of options when it comes to betting on the IPL. Bets can be found on each of the IPL matches at virtually all the online bookmakers, therefore regardless of which you pick, you will discover the standard offers available.

In addition to the typical stakes, you will also find versions of them, as well as different prop bets you can wager on if you enjoy something much more exotic or specific. Here are a few examples:

Match Winner
Bet on who wins the game

To Win the Toss
Bet on who wins the coin toss (read our post here)

Match Handicap
Bet on a team winning by over a spread

Man of the Match
Bet on who gets picked as man of the match

Top Team Batsman
Which Batsman will evaluate the highest number of runs

Top Team Bowler
Which bowler takes the amount of wickets

Highest Opening Partnership
Which team will score more runs before losing their first wicket

1st Over Total Runs
The number of runs will be scored in the 1st within the match

Total Runs in Match
Over/under bet for a number of runs

Total Match Sixes
The number of sixes will both teams score in complete

Most Match Sixes
Which team will score the most sixes

Fall of 1st Wicket
Will the first wicket collapse

1st Wicket Method
Caught, Bowled, LWD Outside, Stumped or other people

Fall of 1st Wicket
How many runs will the score until the autumn of their first wicket

A Fifty scored at the game
Will anybody be able to score a 50 prior to the match ends

Top Team Batsman
Which Batsman will score the highest amount of runs

And many more. The IPL is prime time for specials and betting options, so be certain that you keep an eye on any promotions provided. Be certain to regularly check our blog for best specials and exclusive offers.

Assess for a list of bets they supply on IPL in your preferred bookmaker matches.

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