Gary Neville says Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola is a disgrace and urges Manchester United to steer clear


Gary Neville has branded Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola a”disgrace”, also advocated Manchester United to not work with him in the future.
Pogba, the World Cup-winning midfielder, finished last year with 13 goals as leading scorer for United, but has been linked with possible moves in the summer to either Juventus or Real Madrid months.
“[Pogba] wants to leave. He’s made it clear,” Neville told Norwegian TV at the weekend.
“His agent has been a disgrace and was a disgrace all over Europe – not only for Manchester United. They need to stop working with him. He doesn’t have.
“My opinion is that Manchester United don’t negotiate with him. He will try to correct a transfer for his player, and will try to participate of the transfer amount himself. That is the way he operates.”
Neville feels his representative, who stated in an interview back in July is negatively affecting that the midfielder’s attributes about the pitch that he had been in the process of facilitating a movement for Pogba away from Old Trafford in his client’s behest.
“For Manchester United, it is devastating. He’s among the best and most famous players on the planet, but every week there are new issues,” Neville added.
“There is always controversy. The truth is it is devastating for a club, although it is probably not his fault.
“That is why Sir Alex Ferguson had been sometimes clinical when he first got rid of players. They had been devastating.
“At a football club, everyone must go in precisely the same direction”
United have struggled at times this year.

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