Game 7 Betting Numbers You Need For Sens-Pens


The Pittsburgh Penguins are hefty -200 favorites versus the Ottawa Senators in what’s going to be their second Game 7 in a row these playoffs.
If you are thinking fatigue might play a major element in this particular one, you might want to hang on a moment.
In the post-lockout era since 2006, teams coming from a Game 7 in the previous series are now 7-5-2 (56.8%) in Game 7s in the following series. (The two pushes are because groups facing each other were coming off a Game 7 on two events.)
That is fairly impressive under draining conditions such as the NHL playoffs and in addition, it indicates it is not all that uncommon.
We’ve seen 39 series go to Game 7s because 2006 and 15 of these — or almost 40% — have been followed by another Game 7 show.
And in case you’re wondering, teams are 17-13-9 (57 percent) from another series after a Game 7 while home teams are 168-70 (58.4% ) in Game 7s going back to 1939.
Here’s an additional Game 7 tendency to consider before you place your wager tonight: the Pens are 0-7 in the home in Game 7s in franchise history after losing Game 6.
In the event those numbers left you dizzy, then please wait a few minutes prior to putting your Game 7 wager.
May puck fortune be with you.

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