Boston Celtics


Vegas Over/Under: 56.5

The Record Projection: 52-30 of fromal The Bet: Under with confidence
We are working under the same premise that led Vegas to set the over/under in 56.5 wins: Kyrie Irving is presently a member of the Boston Celtics, since the onus is on the Cleveland Cavaliers to veto a trade that is near processing.
Until that situation is solved, we are going to be factoring in a changing of the guard from Isaiah Thomas to Irving, in addition to the departures of Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic.
Boston went through a lot of tumult that this offseason. Few members of last year’s team remain, which is always debatable in a a league which has so many benefits gleaned from preexisting chemistry.
Talented as Gordon Hayward, Irving, Jayson Tatum and another novices may be, they will undergo an inevitable adjustment period that prevents them from running away with the Eastern Conference’s No. 1 seed.
Plus, we can not forget what they lost.
Avery Bradley was a piece on both ends of the floor. The situation for Boston is that replacing him with Marcus Morris is a clean. But there is no way to replicate what Crowder attracted to the proverbial table; the C 11.5 points per 100 possessions better on the floor.
This group will be among the very best in the East, competing throughout the year for top billing. By the time the playoffs roll around, the Celtics could be the favorites to advance to the NBA Finals and finish LeBron James’ reign of terror.
Just don’t be surprised when they go through some hard times .

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