Betting on NCAA College Basketball


A Brief Overview of the College Basketball Betting Landscape

Continuing our series of how-to betting articles, let us now take a look at college basketball, one of the most popular sports in America. Together with NCAA regular season games in full swing, what better time is there to learn about the intricacies of college basketball betting?
Though the majority of gambling action comes from the springtime when summit tourneys give way into the Big Dance, there is still an entire season of matches to select from from November to March. Honing your gambling knowledge during the regular season will no doubt give you a leg up going into tournament time when the stakes are higher, the plot thickens, and the pot sweetens. Every year as spring approaches, fans and bettors alike find themselves consumed by the hype that is March Madness. Of all of the sports events in America, none need more energy, more analysis, and more focus compared to the NCAA Tournament.
There is absolutely no lack of paths for people. In reality, it’s estimated that advertisers spend more than $1.15 Billion each year around the near-month long occasion. And, based on an yearly report issued by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, companies incur an estimated reduction of $1.9 Billion each year because of workers being”distracted and unproductive” during the tourney.
Then there is the betting side of matters. Easily thought of as among the biggest sports gambling events in the world, that the NCAA Tournament offers people a plethora of opportunities to put wagers–67 matches to be precise. The outcome? Over 70 million mounts are filled out annually –producing an average of $9 Billion in bets, with just $240 million of the moving legally to Nevada sportsbooks.
That having been said, let us take a peek at different kinds of bets you can place on basketball. These are the same as those you can place on NBA Games, as you may expect. Nonetheless, we will go over these and, similar to previous how-to content, we will discuss some vital statistics and numbers to consider when placing your bets.

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